Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 31/2013

We had a small discussion about whether or not we should continue with our pilgrimage to Rome this coming fall. Charlotte mentioned that this is the first time that her hips are starting to bother her. Also the anxiety of not knowing what lies ahead when it comes to finding accommodations and food along the route. The other issue mentioned was going over the col Bernard pass. Those were Charlotte's mentions and concerns. My feelings are that we have to be somewhere and we have never been to Italy, so why not start out and see what happens. If worse comes to worse, we can always find a villa somewhere and chow down on pasta and vino. Wow, what a default.
I think it is only fair that we give it our best effort and see if we can make it to St.Peters square to see that guy Francis. It is five months before September so a lot can happen by then but we can start making plans for our flights and making a list of accommodations along the way. At least in France we had some language skills but in Italy it will be strictly translator app.