Saturday, September 14, 2013

Walking with Angels Saturday September 14th

  The day started around 8am after we left Saint Amedee in Lausanne. Our sleep was broken up due to the jet lag and perhaps a few other things. We locked up our room and the building when we left this morning and put the key and chf in an envelope and then into the parish mailbox outside. Charlotte guided us to a patiserie she had spotted the night before. Cafe au lait and some fresh baking made our first meal in 24 hours. Off we went with the iPad downloaded map for Vevey about 25 Kim's down the lake. I put my poles on the pack and followed all the turns through the city for almost 2hours before 
We were out of town and climbing into the vineyards high above lake Geneva. We had added considerable water to our camel backs because of the warm weather and distance. This was good except it also added considerable weight to both our packs and since we were going up hill a lot we were slowed right down to 1 or 2 kms an hour. The views of the lake and Alps is stunning with glimpses of snow on the higher elevations. After a pretty arduous trek up and down the vineyards we finally got into Vevey around 2pm, a little shop worn and aiming for the first food and drink source. After a few drafts and a sandwich at a roadside stand we found the TO office who confirmed our reservation in Bouveret. We loaded up on a few more chf as most things are expensive. We caught the 4 o'clock ferry from Vevey that makes a number if stops before taking us across the lake to Bouveret.
Our host picked us up at the ferry dock in his car and brought us to his house where we got the superior room with a shared bath for 125 chf. We scoped out our route for the morning and had a nice pasta dinner in town. That was a pretty rough day for us climbing the hills but I have a feeling it is just the start. Tomorrow we follow a valley along the Rhone river to St.Maurice, perhaps 25 kms. We will be staying at an Abbae with dinner and petit de jejune included for $70 chf. Someone also told us along the way that the pass we are heading to is expecting a big dump of snow in a couple of days.


  1. Here you go!!! Glad to see the blog up.

  2. I've been reading on my iPad but the commenting didn't work well. Now I'm on the computer so I can let you know I'm here.

    It's strange to see your pictures of places that I've been. It's beautiful there.

    Love Rich