Thursday, November 7, 2013

Florence. Recovery Day two. Thursday

After leaving our room with the sisters we got the underground to the train station and got a fast train to Florence that took 1 1/2 hours. We have a nice hotel room not far from the station and enjoyed the atmosphere in Florence. Yes, there are certainly tourists here but not near as many as Rome. The cathedral here is absolutely breathtaking. How can you take a picture that would do it justice. It was wonderful to walk the streets and piazzas last night and watch the artists and street performers etc along the way. We enjoyed a nice evening meal, pasta of course and booked our train to Vernazza for Friday morning. Oh yes, we had lunch in McDonalds. The only thing that tasted good were the french fries with all the salt. It is odd that a person thinks they have missed something like the mcdonalds food but after you have eaten it, you remember why you don't eat it at home. We stayed at the Three Star-Domus Fluorentia hotel 2 via Degli Avelli near the train station for 56E plus 3E each tourist tax. Phone 055 265 4645.The breakfast there was outstanding, after some where it can be very limited and called an Itslian breakfast.

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