Sunday, November 3, 2013

Walking with Angels. Viterbo to Capranica

We left our room around 7am without going down to the kitchen for their breakfast of coffee. We stopped at the bakery for cruisants and a flat bread sandwich. The distance to Capranica is 33 kilometres but there is a revised route that we wanted to try that reduces the distance by 8 kilometres.
There was quite a bit of climbing today but our conditioning is pretty good now so it wasn't a problem that way. The route went up through a forest preserve along the rim of a volcano. The forest was open and quite interesting to walk through. Because it is a holiday today, there were many people out picking mushrooms or having family picnics. We were a little concerned about the route but it worked out fine and we arrived in Capranica about 1:30pm. That was the good part. I always have the name and address of where we are staying on a paper so that I can approach people to show them the name etc. It usually takes me about four try's before we actually at our final destination. This city is built high up on a hill and I mean really high up. On the second try I got a lady with a few words of English. She took the paper and went into the bar with it. She had a big discussion with a number of patrons and then came out and said it is down the street to the end and then take the lift down. So off we go not knowing where we are going but trying to figure out what she meant by a lift. We can see that we are high up and when we came go the end if the street there was nothing other than stairs, a lot if them. Down and down we go right to the bottom. I know now by lift she meant the stairs. There is nothing there and it seems like we are out of town. Back up the stairs until we see an opening with cars. I call out to a woman and she indicates we have to go back down and up a hill. Finally we see a sign for this B & B and we follow it right out of town up a steep hill. When we walked up to the door, they are having a big family gathering and the last thing they expected was us. He tells us to wait and brings us bottled water. Finally 45 minutes later the room is ready. We are starting to get cold as we were still in our walking clothes and sweated up. I found a heater and turned it on and then Into the bed we get with our clothes on and fall asleep. There is nowhere to eat and C had asked him if they would make us a meal and he had said yes. No two days have been the same since we started. When we got to town we thought we would find our place and put our packs down and see the town. We never thought we would have gone through the town and out the other side without stopping. It seemed like such a historic town to look into. About 6pm I went down to talk about dinner tonight. He asked if pasta would be okay and I said yes. I went up and got C and we went down and sat at the table. There were 1/2 litre white and red wine so we poured some. Pretty soon the good started coming. Anti pasta , cold meat tray, grilled egg plant, toasted bread with chopped tomatoes, on and on it went. Then came the penne and tomato sauce. We couldnt eat anymore. We said no to caffe, salad, dessert and anything else. What a meal and just another surprise.

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