Friday, November 8, 2013

Recovery Day Three Vernazza

We thought we would take a side trip and do some walking along the coast in Cinque Terre. We boarded the local milk run train to La Spezia. We have seen these local trains along the way when we were walking. They stop at any village along the track and they have a very rough appearance outside.
Inside they are nearly as rough with various odours of local food that have permeated the seats. We find it strange to sit beside Chinese looking people speaking Italian. Happiness is riding the train and being able to have your tunes on again. We would have loved to walk with our tunes on but we found we lost concentration on following the trail markings and several times getting lost because of it. Blame it on Rita McNeil and Willie Nelson. It was nice to get so many emails congratulating us on completing our pilgrimage on the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome. The distance is listed anywhere from 2100 to 2200 kilometres but in our case we added who knows how many kilometres, so let's make it 2200. For those members of the Rotary club of South Cowichan in Mill Bay BC back home who are donating so much a kilometre for our walk from Cossonay to Rome, the number is 1350. The dollars will be donated to The Rotary Foundation, a foundation that sponsors humanitarian projects around the world.
Our room in Vernazza has a nice balcony and is cozy. It has a nice view west, out to sea. We have been told that quite a lot of the coast path we want to walk has been closed. This is not uncommon due to the terrain. Tomorrow we will walk to Monterosso if the weather is okay. It did rain some today and that affects the path openings as do rock slides etc.


  1. Ever since reading Rick Steve's in the early 90s I've wanted o go to Cinque Terre. Enjoy!

  2. To my much loved and admired parents,

    I sometimes find it hard to believe that you have walked so far and overcome so many obstacles to finally arrive in Rome.

    I hope a day of rest has done wonders. Actually, I hope you actually took a day of rest!

    What an amazing journey! Kirsten and I are looking forward to seeing you at Christmas so we can talk about your trip.

    Everything is well here in Colorado. Naiya is in archery and Griffin has even more energy as a four year old boy than he did as a three year old. We have season ski passes so they will both be skiing this winter.

    Love you.

    Once we hear that you are settled with some wifi, I'd love to see you over skype. How long do you have before you head home?

    We're all very proud of you. I've told everyone in the office about your journey.

    Your Son,