Friday, September 14, 2012

Canterbury Friday 14th

Needless to say we are a bit weary. Air Transat was great but we only got a few minutes sleep before we got into Gatwick just after 6am local time. Two trains later we dropped our packs in Kipps hostel,( 45$ incl breakfast private room)and down to the Cathedral. We got our passports stamped and witnessed the ringing of the bell of HMS Canterbury. The bell is rung every morning at 11am and prayers said for the fallen military of the UK. We received a pilgrims blessing from Frank Allen the Chaplin and he signed our passports with much fanfare and resolve. He also took Derek's name to have prayers said in the local churches. We did walk some of the route out of town so we can be a little more confident in the morning to get started.
Pasta dinner in the kitchen to bulk up for tomorrow.

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  1. Hi guys, great blog so keep it up. Hope you find a charger adapter!
    Not sure why but I tried and failed to post a comment; maybe lucky this time. Have you kept a tally of the kilometres walked so far? And per day? Would be interesting to know. Sounds like a really nice time so far. Good luck, Peter & Lynne