Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 6 walking ABBEY ST PAUL

Up early at 6 this morning in the chalet. Had toasted baguette and Greek yogurt with guda cheese. Walked at first light with our flashing lights on to be seen. Walked 25 Kms plus three because I didn't pat enough attention. We liked the new guide book. Beautiful clear cool day and we reached the abbey about 1 pm. Saw pheasants flying today and a dead rat . So much for wildlife. When we got to the Abbey where we had made a reservation , we rang the bell several times but no one came do we went into the little town but there were no shops do we went back to the Abbey and walked around out back. I saw a door open into a shop do I went in and startled a worker who I asked about an Accomodation and he said, compestella and I said yes . He pointed to another door and I walked in until I heard voices and a monk came out to greet us. He showed us to a room indicated toilets and showers , brought us sheets etc. after showering we fell asleep. Dinner us at 1920pm so we will be hungry until then. Beautiful sunshine coming through the window. I lost the adaptor for the electric plug so I won't be able to charge the computer until I get another one. That might be hard to find here so I just have 59 percent charge left. We just had such a great dinner. Father took us down to the dinning room and we ate with two ladies that are here for the week. We had bowls if soup, pasta,bread, cheese, wine and beer. We are more than full . We left a donation of 30e with father, with our thanks. Petite de jejune is anytime in the morning.

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