Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saint Jean Baptistery de la Salle

After eight hours, the same as yesterday we arrived at the Catholic boys school. Madam Gevas had phoned them to let them know we would be coming today. A lot of priests in robes and very little English. Repas is at Sept Trente. Charlotte has her first two blisters today. We had to double back again as we interpreted the guide book instructions incorrectly.
We wandered upstairs in the school around seven tonight and we found cooks preparing food and we approached them. In no uncertain words they hustled us our of there. Pretty soon they brought us to the cafeteria sat us down and brought us salad , salmon dish, jug of water, jug of wine, cheese cake, three types of cheese etc. brother Joseph came and we talked a little French and a little english and he made us welcome. Let us know that petite dejeune is at 8 am.
Are we full or what.
We were out in the middle of nowhere when a car pulled up earlier today to see what we were doing. He got us turned around and pointed the right way, no harm.
Our room is cold and damp but we found a electric heater and turned it on.
We were in the cold damp basement but we turned the heater on in our room so it was quite warm. The boys had gone home for the weekend but as luck would have it, the priests in the local area were meeting here and we got to have the special meal that was being prepared for them. We slept well even though Charlotte was the only one with deals . In the morning at 8 am we went to the cafeteria and found cups etc laid out for us. We waited and along came brother Joseph with bread and hot milk for hot chocolate. We walked only for about four hours or so before arriving in Arras. We had stopped to have a lunch earlier by a roadside graveyard well looked after. It was small perhaps a hundred graves, mostly English, 2 Canadian and 2 German. It wasthe sight if a field hospital. Madame Gevas had made arrangements for us to stay at the
Maison Diocesaine de Arras. We had no idea even what it was but we stopped a woman and she says she has a friend who speaks English. Shortly after we met David and they took us to get our phone card and also the person there had a adaptor for our iPad so we now can charge it. We will
Be here two days. Our room is very nice and has two single beds and very clean with a sink. The price was 36 euros a day for a double and it is right downtown. We will go out to Vimy tomorrow and also see the limestone quarries under the city. Any extra time we will use for resting before we carry on again to Bapaume on Monday . We treated Charlotte's blisters and they seem to be okay. I wanted to make sure I recorded the costs as Mm
Gevas charged 40e for the room with a double bed and ensuite and 16e each for the dinner and breakfast. Not cheap but great food. The Ecole St.Jean Baptist 06 22 86 86 01 donation 30e
Maison Diocesaine de Arras 03 21 21 40 38 was 36e per day for 2 in room
Including breakfast. The dorm picture is from the boys school.

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