Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jet Lag Over- Day 3 walking

Our first good sleep as it seemed early to get up at 7.30am. Good meal, two glasses of beer and tired legs make a good recipe for sleep. About 20 Kms to go today to Guines. Nice to get wifi Globe and Mail newspaper to read at night. Our first day of light rain but it is not cold. We followed the track through wondering hills of cattle, corn and sugar beets. We had to backtrack again for a kilometer or so and we picked up some Via Francigena signage and followed them. It seemed like a good idea but eventually we got lost and had to come back to Guines which is where we were headed. Arrived quite tired and a little sore. The reservation was for a caravan for $10e each. I remember emailing them and asking if in fact it came with sheets, it did. It is very nice and clean and the rate is a special pilgrim rate. We got them to come and turn on the water heater for showering. Guns are going off around here as it is hunting season. We are changing guide books to see if the other one is better. We since discussed this and and we are going to change guides instead. We ordered a fresh baquette and four crossants for 9am arrival but we have no butter or jam. Went to the local campground bar for supper. It was the last day before closing for the season. Ate too much pasta washed down with the local red wine. Got discount on the bottle since it was missing the front label. Carried Charlotte back to trailer. Arrived in Lisques after following Paul Chinn's guide through forest and having to backtrack and bring out the paper from the tourist office in Guines which took us through with no problem. We have decided to use the cicerone guide after the last encounter. Stopped in the town hall for a pilgrim stamp and she gave. Us directions and a cool drink of cordial.

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