Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 17 walking Saint Thierry

Wow, we have just loved this hotel. It is difficult to leave. For those pilgrims who contemplate staying here, it has to be the best hotel yet and the best value fir the money. We were told the regular pelerin menu was not available so we had to pick from the 18.50e selection. We had salads, beef dinner, cheeses from their cheese cart plus desert for 68e for the room and food. I noticed that their regular charge was 115e so he gives pilgrims a good discount. Charlotte looks a little more upright so we will keep going with a much reduced pack for her. We received an email from Sandy with an update on Derek's condition saying that he has had a rough go of it but has his sense of humor back even with being in the hospital. We continue to pray for his health to improve. It was a clear day today but with a heavy dew in the grass. Within an hour my boots were soaking inside and I was walking in water. Charlottes boots became wet inside too eventually. We walked roads, grass tracks, canal tow paths, plowed
Fields, just about everything. The grass along the tow path was waist high and wet. Mondays mean everything is closed except the pharmacy so our lunch consisted of a small bun(taken from breakfast
Table) and a half an apple each. When we stopped for lunch I took off my boots and changed insole and socks
an that improved things. Our place in Saint Thierry is a self contained suite that is very new and comfortable. These people have a vinyard and sell wine. We emailed them and agreed to have them provide dinner for us. Because it is Monday there isn't anything else available. It is way overpriced at 19e for a meal but we can't go without eating. We have a monastery booked for tomorrow in Reims. Charlotte was not too bad for most of the day but when we stopped about 1.30pm she was noticeably leaning to the left. They brought the meal up to the room at 7pm. They poured a small flute of champagne and took the rest of the small bottle with them. The meal was cold meat in a salad with six hot small potatoes. A little apple sauce and a small slice of sweet bread each, all for 19e each. One shouldn't complain but when you come from such a great previous stay it is difficult.

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