Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 18 Walking Reims

The day started off normal enough but in no time things changed. I happened to mention to Madame who speaks not too bad English, that we would be stopping in Reims to see if we could get an appointment with a chiropractor. She immediately said, there is one not five minutes away and she opened the
window and pointed to a White House.
She made two calls after 8 am and finally got the doctor who said she would try and fit Charlotte in during the day. We hung around the town in the Mairie etc until we finally went to the chiropractors office to wait there. About 2 pm she called Charlotte in and she was in there for 40 minutes. Apparently Charlotte offered to pay but she said she doesn't charge pilgrims. She also offered to drive us to Reims but Charlotte said we can't accept rides because we are pilgrims. She also made a couple of booking calls for us.
About three pm we started our for Reims. We got here about 5pm and went to our room for the night. We are staying at The Maison Diosinine which is a former monastery. The room was 30e plus 10e for draps(sheets) and 6e for two breakfasts. The room is
Ensuite and spotless. The location Is great as well being a few blocks from the cathedral. It's been a long day but we hope the treatment helps. Tonight we are told there is an Italian place near that is good and cheap, my favorite two words. The chiropractor also said she would pray for Charlotte.
This may not be a religious experience but it is certainly a spiritual one taking one day at a time.

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