Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 32 Walking. October 16 Geneuille

We received our breakfast at 7am. Madame Olivares brought it up and asked if everything was okay. We left at 7.30am and found two roads leading to highway D474. We picked the one that wasn't marked because the other one was marked D364 and we needed D394. When we got to the main road we realized that the road we used was not the one so we went down the main road to where D364 was and it seemed to be the one. We presumed we had the right one with a guide book error entered. When we entered Oiselay the book said to stay on D5 through town and on to Bonnevent. We went for three Kms and it didn't look right. We happen to come across a lady walking towards us which in itself is unusual. We inquired about the town and she said we had to go back and take a different road. She walked three Kms back and took us through the town to D3 which put us back on track. Another of Charlottes angels. When we reached Montboillon the book said to take D194 but the right road was a D number marked Gezier but not D194. When you leave a town in thus area the next town is not shown on signs. In some areas it us but not here. Our 24 Kms again turned into 30 which we didn't want. Charlottes knee is bothering her considerably and we are trying to limit the hours walking. We arrived here in six hours with just a few minutes stop.
Our room was not ready and the lady pointed out that we aren't to arrive until 6pm. We have run into that before so we say we are walking and beau coup fatigue. She agreed to have the room by three pm so we went to the Mairie where it is warm, but closed, and asked if we could wait inside until our room is ready, and she agreed. The restaurant said that they don't make meals tonight so I don't know what we will do for food yet. Very France, closed but open later sometime, maybe, if not tomorrow.
Tomorrow we walk through Besancon, a few days from the Swiss border. Went up to the boulangerie to buy something for supper. I used my best French helped out by a well meaning customer who also directed me to where I could purchase vin rouge. When I got back and cut into the two items I had bought, it turned out they were both cakes. The wine is good.
We are staying at the chambre de hote
Rue de l'Abreuvoir in Geneuille. It is okay and at 66e including petit de jeune it is a lttle overpriced from what we have had but there was nothing else at this point in our walk. One thing I have noticed since coming to France is the number people smoking, both young and old. They are out on the sidewalks because I guess, they can't smoke inside.
Raining tonight hopefully not in the morning.

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