Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 36 Walking October 20 Pontalier

We started our day with Francis again driving us to our last walking spot. This wasn't to be as we were going to say goodbye to Francis but he came down in the morning and said, why don't I drive you one more day and pick you up, so that was what we did. It was up the road from Oulan into the forested area. It was up a fairly steep grade and Francis parked the car and walked for 30 minutes with us up to the upper level and we said goodbye. We walked through Pontalier and had our phone loaded up with time before going into Switzerland. We walked for 6 or more hours including the walk up to the chateau and down the other side. The weather was above 25 degrees and it was shirts and shorts and easy walking on old rail beds etc. Francis has researched the area and his walks have been some of if not the very best we have done. There has been few roads and many interesting areas for walking. We arrived back at the house about 7.15pm and got supper ready as it was our turn to do do. Francis's partner Coby arrived from Geneva and we all enjoyed a great evening of food and good conversation.
Tomorrow we have a reservation for a chambre de hote nearly right on the Swiss border. It will be with full packs when we leave in the morning and no more picking us up to stay in Nans with Francis.We have been here four days now and it is getting very comfortable so it us time to move on as we only have three walking days left.

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  1. Totally amazing stuff, you two (Dowkers).
    Very much enjoy your reports, and look forward to a full recounting when we meet up in Indio.
    We are outahere on Thursday (25th) so will just miss you on your return to the Ridge, I guess.
    Weather has turned here, with quite a bit of rain, and much cooler, but nice enough for now. Looking forward to the warmth of SoCal.
    Safe travels, Peter & Lynne