Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 21 Walking Coole

The day started out fine some road walking and then on the Roman. We had a steady wind all day on our front quarter. It was relentless and when we passed the wind generators it became evident why they were placed there. Endless fields of sugar beets in various stages of growth. We walked carefully to make sure we didn't miss any turns etc. About 8 Kms out we came to an
Abrupt halt in uthe middle of nowhere. What to do. No other choice other than to retrace our steps to the last highway and see what number it is. The Geist of the thing is we walked both options but we made it to Coole. There were a few choice words said about the author of the guide book. We went to the Mairie and found the lady who is putting us up for the night and feeding as well. Monique Songy does this because she was asked to watch out for pilgrims and give them a room. Her address is 17 Rue Chalons 51320 Coole. She brought us into her home and showed us to a room. She went back to work leaving complete strangers in her home. She also phoned the person who runs the Mairie 20 kilometers up the road and she has two beds in the town office that we can use. Again she says she will get us blankets and food. We are just overwhelmed that they do this for strangers. I have developed a fever tonight so I am rapped up in the bed with Tylenol. There are not many women who would carry a pack for 20 miles as Charlotte did today.

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