Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 33 Walking October 17 Besancon etc

Woke up and looked out this morning to see no rain. We were eager to get going as we had 14 Kms into Besancon and navigating in the city is not too easy. With the use of both guide books we got up to the cathedral going through the centre if the city. We had a sit down lunch and then out the other side by 12.30pm. We climbed out of the valley for the next hour and a half. We had phoned Francis at 1pm to meet us at 2pm and he would pick us up and takes us to his home for the night. He is going to drop us off at where he picked us up so that we can carry on from there in the morning. We had met Francis on line and he asked if we wanted to stay at his home and he would act as guide to get us through this area into Switzerland with the least difficulty for us. He has researched the routes and has a good knowledge of the area. We had a great meal with Francis tonight and enjoyed the local white wine. We will be making a reservation for an Easy Jet flight out of Geneva for October 24 into London Gatwick. Francis says he could find us on route and drop us off there as his partner lives and works there. We will be walking a route tomorrow that Francis has drawn up along with his maps.

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