Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 28 Walking October 12 Chalindrey

We spent an hour or two at the tourist office with a nice young man who spoke good English. We gave him names of Gites, Chambers de Hotes etc and we could not get one 25kms or so out of Langres. He too found a few but One was sick, one was getting a new roof and some just dont answer. It is the off season. The problem we have is that the next big place Champlitte is 36 Kms and as predicted it is cold and rainy. Charlotte has a knee that is bothering her as well so the distance has to be broken up. We have reserved a Chambre de Hote in Chalindry which is only 13 Kms so that will leave 26 Kms for the next day. The people in Chalindry won't be at their place until 6pm so that means leaving here late and hanging around there until they show up. This is typical of how things work. We hope the restaurant in town there is open today. We ended up staying in the Hotel Europe 70e not inclunding breakfast here in Langres instead of the
Presbyterian one for 10e for both. We had not been able to get ahold of Father Touvet and it doesn't open until 5pm so we made another decision. Since we arrived here early we were able to have lunch in the restaurant at noon, roast pork loin with frites washed down bt two petit draft beer.The room is very comfortable and more importantly warm. Some of the "free" ones quite often are cold. That isn't an issue in the summer but now it is a big deal. The forecast ahead is not good and by Monday temps are to go down to 32 degrees at night. Being realistic now that the days are counting down we may or may not get into Switzerland as planned. We are taking one day at a time and if we get there great, if not that's okay too. Our plane leaves from Gatwick on October 25 so we have to be in the UK on October 24. We haven't checked on the train schedules yet but they move around here regularly and quick so I don't think that will be an issue. We went out for supper to an Italian type restaurant and had linguine and vin rouge, both quite tasty. We just made another reservation on the phone with nothing but French and a little hand waving. Hopefully when we get there the reservation will have been received okay. It reminds me of being in Barcelona and Charlotte ordered from the menu and the waiter brought two beers. The weather cleared fir us and the dun came out. We arrived about 2.45pm after a relatively short walk and fortunately the owner of the chambre de hote was here. We are both concerned about Charlottes knee. We both laid down on the bed when we got here and woke up enough to cover ourselves and sleep until 5.30pm. We had to walk for 30 minutes to find the only restaurant and had linguine again and yes, a little vin rouge. We will start by 7.30am tomorrow as we have 24 Kms to go. Charlotte will start on Tylenol 3 tonight and in the morning. Hopefully by starting early and getting her off her feet earlier we can complete the last number of days. We are staying with M Parodi Brunc , 10 Rue de l'hotel de ville,phone 03 25 88 92 96 , 52600 Chalindrey at 46e including breakfast. His house is located within 200feet of the Mairie. This is a great room and facility with three bedrooms and beds for 7 or 8.


  1. One day at a time. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the sun comes out for brighten your walk and your spirits.
    Love and Hugs from both of us.
    (Tried to email you twice but they both bounced back as undeliverable. Don't know why?)

  2. Love the dog in the pot! Hope you see some sun soon. Thinking of you.