Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 35 Walking October 19 Ouhans

Today the sun shone brightly with temps above 20 degrees. We walked from Ornans with our jackets on but had them off in two hours. Our packs were lighter as Francis drove us to our last stop so that we could continue on today. We walked steadily as we knew that toward the end of the day we would be entering a canyon where we would walk to the start of the Loue river. It has more than one generating station on it. The walk through the valley was very scenic by being either on kne side of the river or the other. We entered the canyon about 1pm. There have been a number of warnings issued about the canyon route being very remote in case of any accidents etc. There were some tricky spots due to water running down the trail and the sheer drop down to the river but with our poles for support we had no difficulty. It might have been very different had it been raining and muddier. We phoned Francis when we emerged from the other end and he came and picked us up. He made a die vial dinner tonight with the local cheese, Mont Dor cheese melted in the oven with wine and then poured over boiled potatoes with a cold meat selection. Yes, another bottle of the local white wine. Tomorrow morning Francis has to park cars for a local event early in the morning and then he will drive us back to where he picked us up and we will continue on to
Pontalier tomorrow. Francis took the time today to put together maps etc for the next few days. He asked 30e for each day but we gave him 120e and were happy to do so.


  1. Great pictures! Especially the one of both of you together by the water!

  2. 34 days walking, what a venture.
    I am keeping track of your progress on this map of France and am amazed at the distance you two have walked. Its wonderful to hear you have had warmer weather. Sunshine is great for recharging the batteries. As always, the pictures are great. I agree with Sandra's comment......especially the picture of both of you together. Sorry to hear your knee is giving you grief Charlotte. I think of you every day and miss you.

  3. Wow...almost at the end of this leg of your journey. We have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and the great play by play in pictures. Glad the sun is out for you right now. You both look very happy.