Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 27 October 11 Langres

Up early this morning and down to the kitchen at 6.50am. Coffee and toast
We're made and the cook was expecting us. A great breakfast with honey and home made strawberry jam.
Out the door after a picture and away we went with no rain but a very low ceiling. We left 40e with sister Mary Jo for our time there. Those visits are always memorable if nothing more than such a welcoming, foot bath etc. There are long hills now to go up and I had forgotten to take Charlottes clothes again so now we have lightened her pack to make the hills a little easier. We arrived in Langres sooner than expected at 12.30pm and we will go to the tourist office for some reservations ahead. We will also check with Pere Touvet at 5pm to see if we can get in for a room. A much relaxed day compared to yesterday.


  1. Hi mom and dad... Wow! what a journey...what a challenge! You both are troopers! Seeing the pictures and reading your blog is great. There are times we have a good laugh, and times we hope things get better. Sorry to read you've been having trouble with your hip mom and you not feeling well too dad. This trip is a challenge and you both are givin' it all you got! All the power to ya!
    Love and great big hugs from both of us. xo

  2. Hi Wanderers.........have been following your blog and find all the information very interesting and the pictures are great. Running into English speaking Greman and Danish travellers must boost the spirit after a cold night and wet days. I remember the Europeans did not heat their bedrooms and bathrooms...reason for feather duvets. Hope this finds you feeling a lot better Bob. Wishing you the wind at your backs and the sun in your faces for the rest of your journey. Miss you.