Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 30 October 14 Dampiere - sur - Salon

Rained in the night, which wasn't unexpected. We had dinner downstairs in the hotel. We both ordered the beef steak at 14e. It was thin and a little tough but it was nicely presented with Veg. We had our breakfast in the room since the super market was so close last night we bought juice, yogurt etc. and kept them out the window to keep them cool. This should be a short day since it shows only 17 Kms, but one never knows until you walk it. After many little towns every couple of Kms we arrived in Dampiere. The first person I asked for directions was a lady walking her Westy. She immediately walked us a block down the street to our chambre de hote. Our chambre de hote is La Tour des Moines quoted $50e including petit de jeune. After we had been shown around I asked about groceries and we had 15 minutes to get there, beaucoup rapido down to the super marche 5 minutes away. We returned with pasta, hamburger and wine etc. It is great to see such a selection of wines for sale in a grocery store at such reasonable prices and we saw no youth laying around drinking wine to excess. We are the only ones in this place and it is literally a house to ourselves.
He showed us how to work the stove and where the dishes are. It had rained on the way here so the shoes are newspapers and the socks drying. An afternoon nap was in order as it is still steady rain. I asked Charlotte if she had any regrets about coming and she said, no, but she will have no regrets when it's over either. Opened bottle of 07 vin rouge, looking good. We turned on the rad in the cuisine and cooked our pasta and hamburger with sauce. We cleaned it up along with the wine. Tomorrow we have 24 Kms to Frasne Le Chateau.
Hopefully this wind and rain have died down by then. The odd thing is this next place I emailed in French and she emailed back in English. I think this walk would be entirely different if we were French speaking but the fact that we aren't has not been a problem. There still has not been a day go by when someone has not helped us in someway.

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