Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 13 Walking September 27

Just as she said, at 7 pm we heard a rustling outside our abode and lo and behold a orange shopping bag appeared as a bicycle disappeared around the corner. Inside was a bottle of red wine, two hot dishes of fish, rice & veg. Also two large pieces if toast with tomato and cheese melted on. Along with a very nice dessert. Also in the bag was the makings for petit de jeune in the morning. Now after that wine we have to figure out how the bed goes together. Charlotte says, it will be so nice to get into bed. Bobs says, it is so nice to be on line and I can finally get the Globe & Mail again. Ducks are quaking along the river and we had somw light rain. Wow, that meal was great. Rain seems steady now so perhaps it will be more in the morning. We went through a small village today and three different people asked if we were going to Rome and when we replied yes, they came back with, bon courage. This morning the sky was grey again but quite warm. We had a bit of a issue in directions but got back on track. We are learning to interprute the instructions and not take what seems obvious at the time. Some light rain showers and a pleasant 8km walk along the canal Saint Quentin. Walking through the wet long grass along with showers was too much for the Goretex boots, they soaked through. So much for Goretex waterproofing and the extra dollars for them. Arrived in Tergnier about 1.30pm in a heavy downpour but found our hotel we had reserved prior. The hotel is Le Paon and it has been renovated in the dining room as well as the sleeping rooms. It is comfortable and we would recommend staying here.
The price for Demi-pension is 38e each. The dining room was full when we came in and that is usually a good sign. We had a very good evening meal tonight, three courses with a fish cake with sauce.

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