Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 16 Corbeny September 30

The hotel in Laon might not have been the greatest room(rated a 2) but the desk clerk couldn't have been more helpful taking phone messages for us and making calls to arrange for accomodations down the line. Also the tourist office person who had been to Vancouver made phone calls for us. None of them want to use our phone, they just go ahead using theirs. Shirley's email received this morning perked up my partner especially since we have a longer more complicated walk this morning. The one thing i notice in France is that many more people smoke here and the men kiss each other in greeting. also there are no pickup trucks. There was a cold fog over the land as we came down from Laon. We both put on our light fleece gloves until the sun came through a couple if hours later. We arrived in Corbeny 2pm after 32kms. The scenery has considerably changed into more woods with rolling hills. Very much more picturesque but going up with a pack is slower and going down is harder on the legs. Our digs in Corbeny are absolute grand compared to what we came from.
The hotel has an actual two star rating outside the front door. The room is very clean and modernized with a much newer bed. We were both into the modern tub and a hot bath.The only down part today is that Charlotte developed a lean to the left when she walks. It seems as though her left hip is letting her down. She is busy doing exercises to try to help it but we may have to see a chiropractor in Reims in a couple of days if we can find one. She is not in pain but it is difficult to see her tilted that much. It could well be the camber of the road that is doing it. Tomorrow is only 22kms and I will take some of her weight to lessen the load. We are hopeful this might be somewhat better in the morning.

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  1. What an amazing trip! We talk about you with the kids every day.

    Love Rich