Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Testing our resolve/ Day 10 Walking

We were awakened in our room at the Maison Diosone Saint Vaast about 3am by thunder and lightening. By 6am the rain had stopped and we were walking at 7.15am. At 10.30 the rain started and we put on our rain pants. Then the wind picked up and before we knew it we were facing a very strong head wind driving the rain into us. There were times if we didn't have our poles we could have been blown over. The wind turbines gave us a clue we were in wind country. We arrived in Bapaume at 1.45 pm without having stopped for more than just a few minutes. Our room in the Le Gourmet hotel is very good but when we asked for heat she said there wasn't to be any. There are wet clothes everywhere hanging to dry and our boots are stuffed with newspapers. We have demi-pension here and dinner is after 7pm. We laid on the bed under blankets and fell asleep. Our first day of rain but the weather forecast looks that way all week. No pictures today.

Tuesday September 25
We had the best dinner so far at the Le Gourmet restaurant in Bapaulm. Three courses plus a litre of wine. She charged 42e for the room, 10.80e each for the dinner and 5 e each for breakfast. So that was reasonable. She did turn on the heat so we hung all our clothing to dry. I can't say enough about the meal, chicken liver salad even. I haven't commented or sent many pictures of the cemeteries but there is no end to them, all very well sign posted and maintained. The German ones have no flowers and are marked by black iron crosses.

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