Sunday, September 22, 2013

Walking with Angels Aosta to Chambave

We were up at 6am in our little apartment behind the church, Parrichial Saint Martin in Aosta. After a rather difficult and long day yesterday we were tired. Being in Italy changes pretty much everything when it comes to walking. We were very spoiled with the Swiss signs etc. and gave to get used to theItalian  ones. My maps downloaded onto Pocket Earth of the VF are pretty well useless. They take you onto busy roads so we will either have to follow Paul Chinns book, which has a tendency to drive me nuts, or follow the Itslian VF signs which are yellow with a pilgrim figure on them. We left early today from Aosta knowing that we have about 8 hours walking in very up and down circumstances and to add to that we really don't know what paths we are following. We added extra water since we have been having very sunny weather along with a few made up sandwiches for lunch. Being Sunday you never know if you will find food along the way. We eventually arrived at our accomodation for tonight. It is a complete apartment with sitting room, bedroom and kitchen. It is very large and spotless. The lady is very pilgrim friendly since she herself has walked the VF in stages to Rome. Madame speaks French as well, so there I was trying to muddle through it. We were later rescued when her daughter showed up with her English language skills. We showered and slept for a couple of hours and went a hundred meters down the road for a nice pasta dinner. When we returned they made a reservation for us at Montjovet about 5 or so hours down the valley. The rate is 50E with breakfast. So we are happy with that. If we can get our host to make the reservation it works very well since they can explain that we are pilgrims walking to Rome and quite often the rate is better. We will have to stock up on more chocolate bars since our Costco Builder Bars have run out. I asked if Madame would like to walk to Rome either us and be our interpreter, but she declined.

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