Saturday, September 14, 2013

Walking with Angels

Well, what a day. Lets start near the end of it. I am sitting at a bus stop in Lausanne. Charlotte has gone down the street in search of food and drink. It is 6:30pm and we were supposed to be at this address around 5pm in order for us to have a bed. It is Saint Amedee and the priest is nowhere to be found. However, the trusty iPad has the reply we received from the secretary saying we are expected.
After two or three tries I got a French speaking young man to phone the contact number and talk to who ever answers. He talked a long time and then got the bus driver who happened to stop, translate into English. The gist of it is we should wait until 7pm. We followed the original route from Cossonay along a river to Lausanne, about six hours with our packs. I originally had planned to walk a shorter route to our sleeping place. We had virtually no sleep on the plane so we were walking on adrenalin and Cliff energy bars. We still have 15 minutes until 7pm. The night might not be over yet. Along the way when we neared Lausanne I heard someone shout, COMPESTELLE. They left with a God Bless You directed at us. The priest showed up and is now trying to find a key to let us in the bedroom. Both our legs are wiped out with little if any sleep. We now have our room. It is very pilgrim like. For our first day we are exhausted and going to bed with no lunch or supper, but there is a bakery down the road for morning on our way to Vevey to hopefully catch the ferry boat across lake Geneve to Bouveret.
To top off the day we are being serenaded by an orchestra practice next door. It ain't gourmet.
It was nice to see a Camino shell outside on the building. Cost 5 chf each for tonight.
Francis had picked us up at Geneva and taken us to the same square we left off at last year in Cossonay.

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