Thursday, September 26, 2013

Walking with Angels Borgofranco to Piverone

The day started a little earlier than normal. I awakened to see on my watch that is was 6:30am. I immediately awakened Charlotte who informed me that it is only 4am. Oops, I didn't set my alarm on the watch correctly. Not a good start on a walking day. Today we followed the ministry signs and took two hours to walk to Ivrea. After making it to the main square we sat down at a table and chairs. Pretty soon a man comes along and I thought for sure he us going to tell us that we cant sit there. But lo and behold he informs us that he is with the local Via Francigena promotion committee and tells us how to get to their office. To shorten the story, we spent an hour that we didn't want to spend, instead of walking towards our destination. I am sure they were justifying there job by actually corralling a real live pilgrim. The haze started to lift and the sun beat down on us pretty good. We had purchased some bake shop goods passing through the city. We found a couple of large rocks to sit on and took a break from walking and ate our, what could best be described as sheet pizza. Washed down by our lunch water in our small bottles. We passed a couple of castles today. I really would have liked to tour the castle at Bard with the funicular going up but we would have had to stay another day in Hone. The going was flat today between the hills. We were looking for someone to ask a few things of, but couldn't find one. Charlotte says the best way to ensure someone will come along is to take your pants down and sure enough someone will appear. Had to take more breaks sitting on the occasional right height wall. The LCL is acting up if we try making time. We arrived at Piverone our destination somewhere around 2pm. The lady at the last stay had phoned for us and told us that people had said it was good. We finally found the house of the lady with the key and she took us to what could best be described as an abandoned municipal building. Up we went four floors to a large dorm type room with four double bunk beds. She left us there and took our credentials and forty Euros and indicated we should come in the evening to pick them up. We sat on the beds looking at the unclean floors and sinks and I knew we weren't staying there. Back we went to the woman's house and knocked on her door.. She spoke no English and we weren't getting anywhere, when a man appeared talking on his phone. We corralled him and he told the woman we weren't going to stay in that place and to give us our money and credentials as we are leaving town. She gave them back and we had him call a place to stay but it was full. Then I looked on our listing and their was a b & b listed with an address in town. We went up to it and knocked and the man let us in and said welcome. He showed us to a really nice room with ensuite and asked if we wanted beer to drink. Hello. When the woman came we said the room would be fine. Oh and by the way I said, how much is it, 80E she replied. Wow we were both shocked but we needed a place and tonight was a treat with bathrobes and recessed lighting with what the Italians call, a matrimonial bed. Ie; not two singles. The restaurant was closed due to the owner being on holidays, so down to the local tiny store for panis and ham, cheese, and a litre of orange juice. Saved a few E on the supper. For the difference I couldn't see us up in that dungeon with the throw away paper sleeping sheet.

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