Monday, September 23, 2013

Walking with Angels Chambave to Monjovet

KWhat a wonderful rest after another exhausting day. No one mentioned to us that walking to Rome is just about always up, sometimes down and then a lot more up. Madame had breakfast ready for us at 7am. This was probably the best Chambre de hote we have stayed in, and that is saying a lot. There was just one thing wrong. It was perhaps the worst breakfast we have had. No bread, just little pre-pkg 
Toasts and sweets. There was coffee, but not much. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but when you are doing the miles we are, we need as many calories as we can get. We still have approximately 40 days to walk and both of us are already having trouble keeping our pants up. We have no reverted to using the Italian government signage for the VF. Paul Chinns book is just to hard to follow unless you hold it in front of you while you are walking. The VF route I downloaded onto Pocket Earth, while it worked fine for Switzerland, takes you onto too many busy roads. So that leaves our friends, the little yellow signs on posts, or sometimes little yellow arrows, or sometimes the letters VF in yellow on a rock. My confidence in the yellow signs on posts wavered a little when I went up to one to see what they were made of, and I found I could easily turn it to point in any direction I wanted. Oh well, we did reach our destination okay today. There were a few times we had to try different paths to find the right one and coming through the city of Chatillon was a little challenging. Our route here was high up on the 
mountains and we only dropped down to enter Montjovet. Our little hotel is actually quite nice, old, but quite nice. It does have a shower in the room and a real nice little balcony with warm sunshine coming in. Now that we are in the valley floor, it has heated up considerably. We needed our wide brim hats to keep the sun off. I think the rooms are an after thought for revenue, with the bar and restaurant bring the bread winners. It was interesting reading about the history of this valley and the stone forts built on the most strategic places to guard against invasion as well as to keep track of who is coming and going, probably to charge them for passage. There are remanents of a Roman bridge built in 20bc that just collapsed in the last century. Lunch was not much today. We didn't take time going through Chatillon to get something from a store, one of us is too focused on getting to the destination. We did pass what looked like an abandoned apple tree. One of us used our walking pole to swipe at an apple or two. When two fell down and were picked up, lunch was served shortly after. It was only a matter of time, but we are both on the pill, either Advil or Tylenol 3, depending on how long we walk in the day. We know now, if we think it will take us five hours, we have to allow for six since we always run into right path issues. We also know, our best before time is six hours. Anything after that, we have our heads down, like we are facing a blizzard. No blisters, no sore feet. Ciao seems to be the word to use in Italy. We went to the grocery and picked up a litre of orange juice for an eye opener and chocolate for lunch.

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  1. Soon enough it'll flatten out and you'll be walking the rolling hills of Tuscany...Can't wait to hear about that! Hope you're taking path notes for when you write your guide.