Thursday, September 26, 2013

Walking with Angels. Hone to Borgofranco

Started running into Angels around noon today. Two young Italian girls out walking the VF for a couple of days. Us not knowing any Italian, we had a nice conversation in English with one or the other filling in the words. If all else fails, if I use some Spanish they seem to understand. When we showed them the B & B in the book that we were going to, they said that's where they stayed last night. When I asked about the price, they said 25E each or for pilgrims with credential 20E. About 1:30pm after six hours the legs are starting to play out. We have climbed quite a bit earlier in the day. We came across a jogger who directed us down the road to the town. Not knowing where the house is in town, I saw a lady doing her re-cycling and she pointed down the road. We started walking and then we see she is parked up ahead with lights flashing. As we got closer we realized she is in front of our B & B. No end of Angels. When we arrived, Madame said no one phoned here last night to reserve. Oh no, this didn't sound too good. But pretty soon she said, no problem. She just needed 10 minutes to clean the bathroom. This is the Verde Musica in Borgofranco. The room is on the ground floor with VF information and maps on the wall, so we knew she is pilgrim friendly. Madame has a complete listing of accomodations all the way to Rome. When we started out this morning at 7:30am we were following the guide book of Pauls and that lasted all of 10 minutes. Soon we realized we must have missed a turn and now we are following the ministry signs. Keep saying, all roads lead to Rome.There were a few bad words said, out loud. The other one is quiet until things look a little clearer. To begin with, there was quite a bit of up and downs but the signage was fantastic. We carried the book, but really the signs at times were more than numerous. We are gradually running out of real high mountains on our way to the low lands. We are sitting outside figuring we have 50 days of walking time left. If we walk 18 kms a day we will use up all our days. If we walk 25 or more kilometres a day we will have 12 days of walking, extra. Think Florence and Venice or Cinque Terre. Since we are going out of the mountainous region 25 kilometres should be fine. I say that, but if we lose our way and have to back track, things will change fast. Madame has phoned ahead for us to Santhia and is trying to contact the one in Piverone for tomorrow night. She also is copying her AIVF accomodation list for us as well as another complete listing to Rome. It is nice to have as much choice of accomodation as possible. She also said that most Italians can understand an email sent in English requesting accomodations. Waiting around until the restaurants open at 7pm, is something we have trouble adjusting to since our lunch was just apples and cheese. Madame gave us a map to find the restaurant. Of course there was pasta and Thry specialize in fish. Mine came on a plate covered with tinfoil and there were mussels, clams shrimp etc and was it ever good. Charlotte had a salmon penne and thoroughly enjoyed it. There has to be some benefits to walking. WiFi not working tonight.

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