Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 24 Walking Bar sur Aube

This will be a re publish since the original did not go through. We arrived in the early afternoon and went to the museum/ tourist office. They gave us the key to the municipal pilgrim quarters and we went to see what they were like. We decided to go to the hotel where we had reservations instead. Since that hotel doesn't open until 6 pm we had a few hours to kill. We sat outside the local bar in the sun having a drink and walking around town. The hotel room was cozy and at 42e it was fine. We loved the no peeking key hole and the heavy brass skeleton key. Who knows since Napoleon went to the military school here, he might have stayed in this hotel. The inn keeper was the cook and bottle washer. The meal he prepared was really good and at 10e it was a bargain. Charlotte remembered her pills the doctor gave her for most things below the belt so I will try those for mt stomach cramps today. Since the fever has gone down.

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  1. I am finally catching up with you over cyber space. I hope Charlotte your hips are getting better and that you both are well and strong. You are heading into some of my favourite places now! The restaurant at Chateauvillan is excellent and they have rooms too! Enjoy! Bonne Route!