Saturday, October 12, 2013

Walking with Angels Cisa pass to Pontremoli

Last night we asked the waitress who speaks English and helped us make some reservations for three days ahead, what is a typical food if this region. Her answer was, Testaroli with pesto sauce. It is a corn base, fried and cut into pieces about an 1/8 inch thick. Was it ever good. The young lady pictured here behind the bar(her name sounds like Cynthia- try Jincythia) comes from the part of Italy near Nice, is how she put it. She says you must go and see Cinque Terre. Maybe not this time but we will come back and do it sometime. We mentioned to her about the heat and lo and behold the hot water registers got turned on. You won't get burned if you touch them but they are taking the crisp out of the air. She also gave us another blanket for the bed. We are over budget today but tomorrow will even it out. Dare I say the room is warm tonight, that is a first since we started in September. In the morning we had breakfast downstairs at our table. It was coffee, pound cake, fancy sweet thing, pre pkg toast.
It wasn't much. When Signora gave me the bill, she more than got her extra money for the room. She charged us tourist prices for the chips and tea as well as a few other things but we were in a bind so that's okay. Today our walk was quite arduous. We were off into the trails after 3 kilometres. We were up and down all day with the down being several hours and very hard on the knees with difficult footing on the old stone roads. We didn't run into any donkey's today but we did have twenty or so horses that were loose on the trail. We summitted again on the Corcetta pass after walking through forests on the old stone road with the Roman arch bridges. It is mushroom picking season here and this is the picture of the type of mushrooms they are picking. The deer hunters are out today being Saturday. Tonight we are staying in the castle in Pontremoli. It is in a dorm with the sheets and blankets with a heater. We also met Celine here. She is a pilgrim who started walking on August 7 from her home in the Nerthlands. She is in her early 20s I would say. She too is walking to Rome. One of these pictures is the view from our castle window. We are starting to see olive trees now which is new.

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