Sunday, October 6, 2013

Walking with Angels. Garlasco to Pavia

Our sleep was disturbed by a large group of youth about 9pm last night. We had gone to bed earlier and I knew that the person who showed us in to begin with, said there would be students coming into the building that evening. The church bells were very quiet, so that was good. Over to the bake shop at 7am for breakfast and lunch goodies. We were walking out of town by 7:30 following the VF signs along the way. There are times when you don't see a VF indicator for a long time so you just keep going in a straight line unless you see one that indicates a turn. It was overcast again today and not too cold. We made a few stops to ease the legs and have some pizza or fruit but we didn't lose the trail anywhere. As we got closer to Pavia we followed a narrow path along the river for 8 or 10 kilometres. It was nice to get away from any road noise and traffic. On entering Pavia we walked along the river through some parks until the VF indicators took us across the river into Pavia. We found the tourist office and since this is the time that students write their exams, there were few rooms in town available for us. We had tried the Parrochial ones from Garlasco but they were all taken so we knew we would have a problem when we reached Pavia.The tourist office had a listing for a religious order that has rooms available and they were able to get a room for us at a pilgrim discounted rate. It was a long walk over after having already walked 25 or more kilometres and the legs weren't in that good a shape. The room is spotless with ironed sheets and a nice bathroom/shower. The name of the place is, Instituto Suore Missionaire dell Immaacolata Regina Della Pace on P.le Golgi 47/49
0382/525719. $44E for a double room with sheets and towels. We have learned to be very wary of the Italian drivers. On the roads out of town they don't slow down going past you and seldom move over as they approach you. In town, just because you are in a cross walk, doesn't mean a thing to them. You could stand there all day long before they might stop to let you pass. I have to start out on the cross walk and almost block their way, before they will stop. We went back to the copy shop to find out where a good place to eat might be. The person in there had directed us to our  accomodations earlier and even though he had little English he was willing to try. Charlotte stopped a couple of young women and asked them to phone San Christina for a room tomorrow night. They were a little hesitant but when they realized it was just so the language issue was resolved, they went ahead and made the call for us. It will be a long day tomorrow, possibly 28 to 30 kilometres. We have no way really of knowing since we just follow the trail.

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