Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Walking with Angels. Gambassi Terme to San Gimiginano

We are now inside the walls of San Gimignano at the La Casa di Giovanna. We arrived about 11:30am and after asking a number of people where the place was, we finally found it. It seems like 54E including breakfast is quite a bit for what we have but this is a very busy tourist town and any room in here would be expensive. We got away about 7:45am this morning and there has not been any more rain. Our boots were still not dry but after walking through streams of water, we didn't expect them to be. We could see where water had overflowed the banks and eroded trees etc. This is some of the most picturesque country sides we have seen. There are grapes and olive groves with rolling hills.
The town of San Gimbiginano has walls around it and there is no end of tourists here, they are everywhere. If you stop at a caffe for a sandwich, they have tourist prices as well. We have been at the tourist office trying to get a booking for tomorrow and Thursday in Siena. We went to the tourist office again and found one sympathetic person who made calls for us. We have to do 30k tomorrow so we will have to dig a little deeper again. It seems we keep doing this day after day but it has it's rewards as well. Boots and insoles are in the window hopefully they will be ready to go for tomorrow. The picture depicting a religious setting, is from the Sanctuary at Pancole. Tomorrow we will be staying at a place where others have called it a, not to be missed place. We understand it might have a communal meal but we have no idea of what the sleeping accomodations might be. So far we have had 79 adventures and still counting......I love this sky picture.

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