Thursday, October 17, 2013

Walking with Angels. Massa to Pietrasanta

One o'clock in the afternoon we arrived at the Casa Diocesana la Rocca. Sister came down and showed us to the pilgrim room adjacent to the main building. Excellent clean room with four double bunk beds. C asked if it would be possible to get sheets for the beds and she went away to ask and when she came back she had sheets and towels. We went up town last night in Massa to walk around and have dinner somewhere. The last thing we needed was another walk but it is a lively city lots of activity. C has been having a knee issue with liquid building up on the knee. After googling, water on the knee, we decide to get pizzas and go back and get off our legs. We watched the lady making the pizzas as she was quite entertaining to the customers. We left our school house as we found it and dropped the key into the priests mail box as we were asked to. Tuscany is very green and lush with a nice walk through the villages. A number of people stop us and inquire about our walk. We have got a, bravo, numerous times. Around noon there was some dissention in the ranks so we stopped for ice tea and a goodee. The sky was sunny and clear today with temperatures around 22 to 24C. When we got back to the room at 4pm we had company. Ian from Montreal and Pierre from from Paris. Tomorrow will be a long day, perhaps 32kilometres or so, plus we have two towns to go through which will add to the difficulty level. We hope to get away by 7AM. We have never seen such a great town square and one us used by so many people.

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