Sunday, October 6, 2013

Walking with Angels. Pavia to San Christina

A long tough day today. First of all we are billeted on one side of the city and our route leaves from the downtown through the opposite side of the city. We were up early this morning knowing we had a long way to go. After leaving the building before 7am we went across the road to the cafe and had a cappuccino and toast. Toast means toasted bread with ham and cheese. Still in the dark we made our way back downtown to pick up the VF signs to follow out of the city. After 90 minutes we are still in the city, perhaps some type of suburbs. We had stopped and got our standard lunch items prior to leaving. The route today had too many roads for our liking. They were minor roads but the Italians drive them like they are late for work. We took a number of breaks along the way to rest. The lower legs continue to be a problem. The calf in my right leg is determined to give me difficulty and pain is difficult to ignore hour after hour. I continue to slather on the anti-inflammatory cream and knock back the ....
We still have 32 stages or days until we get to Rome. It was about 2:30pm when we rolled into San Christina this afternoon. We never know what to expect when we reach our destination. Usually we are 
weary and sore when we arrive, making it difficult to figure out our next move. In this case as we approached the main street, a young fellow perhaps, nine years old approached us. It didn't take long to figure out he was very street wise and when we mentioned the name of the local priest, he immediately motioned us to follow him. Then he asked if we were Pellegrinis and when we replied that we were, he led us to the rec centre. Along the way he kept mentioning gelato. At the rec centre a lady motioned for our credentials and stamped them. Then she showed us to an upstairs bedroom with two single beds and a bathroom area. She gave yes two keys. I have never seen so many skeleton keys since 60 years ago on the prairies. One key was for our room and the other is for the outside door which she closes at 6pm. I had motioned for the young street urchin, to wait for us. We came down after making up the beds and sure enough, there he was. The woman running the bar scolded him for something, but I motioned for him to come over to the cooler and pick out something. He pointed to a cone item, so I gave it to him and off he went with a smile on his face. The cost 1:20E and we didn't have to wander around the town asking people where to find something. The room is not real clean but there were fresh sheets to make up the beds so that is a bonus. This rec centre is a hub of activity with young people coming and going, card games being played and of course the ever loud voices of the Italians. We had a fellow phone the next stop for us but after a lot of discussion we learned that we have a bed but the address has changed, that is so Italy. They took us over to a map on the wall and pointed out that we should phone the water taxi guy named Sergio. Sergio is kind of a VF icon that I have read about. We have decided to walk a short day tomorrow and stay overnight and then take the ferry the next day over the Po river. As I write this, another pilgrim showed up here. He is Simon and speaks English.

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